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 Post subject: Questions for 3D design using Shoemaker-e
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:47 pm 
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Questions for 3D design using Shoemaker-e:

I have not used Shoemaker-e yet.
But I went to watch delcam webinar and website ..

And I still have LOTs OF questions, especially after watching the video on youtube below:
“How to Use 3D Shoe Design Software “

To the Shoemaker staff, please answer the following questions as detail as you can. I know it is a lot of questions. Please take your time to answer than to give incoherent responses.
Thank you.

1) Shoe last design, dealing with special case shoe last:
Assume I want to make insole and midsole as one merged thick insole.
Let say the merged insole is 5 (five) cm thick, for hypothetical discussion purposes.
Then I want to make the shoe last that includes thickness of the merged insole.
Can the last be made this way on Shoemaker-e by merging the thickness of the merging insole
into the last?

2) Effect of the thick merged insole and shoe last:
Does changing the merged insole thickness automatically change the shoe last thickness?

3) In the video, there is not much discussion on outersole design.
An example: I may want to hollow out the outer sole, and add some other structures inside the outer sole and also may be add some outer structures at bottom of the outer sole.
Does shoemaker-e creates sole from scratch or allow a sole template to be modified aggressively,
or do I have to use a separate package, SoleEngineer or some other 3D package?

4) Differences between shoemaker-e and shoemaker Pro?

5) Does the 8 items/products in ShoemakerPro also shows up in Shoemaker-e:
Which data from any of these product is available free?
I am aware that Shoemaker-e save data in file *.shoe.

6) Does purchased voucher have access to ALL these products' data as SEPARATE files for export to other third party package?
Example, export shoe last or outersole data to any 3D CAD.

7) Cost of voucher ?

8) Where can I post for freelance shoemaker designers?

9) Scenario:
Say we have two designers doing same shoe project on the Shoemaker-e.
Can they share files (without vouchers) when using shoemaker-e since shoemaker-e file is *.shoe?

10) Importing files:
10a) Say I scanned a footprint on office priter/copy/scanner machine, and it is dimensionally CORRECT, can it be imported into Shoemaker-e and still maintain its dimensions?

10b) I want to overlay the scanned footprint onto the shoe and the shoe last, which can then be used for resizing the shoe last. Can this be done?

11) How do I set the height of the toes and upper height position at shoe's opening (near tongue) on the shoe last?

12) Are your shoe last library standard foot sizes for the shoe industry?

13) Is there any shoe last 3D sizes or footprint sizes database available somewhere for free or for purchase?

14) Can I get a thickness profile of the shoe last at various position by slicing AND also by pointing the mouse cursor on the shoe last
Thank you.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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